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KAMP Rite Kwik Set Hammock

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Looking for the best foldable hammocks and want to have a quick answer? The KAMP Rite Kwik Set Hammock is an obvious choice as our top pick!

It is made from 600D polyester that is 7” high and comes with a foldable and compact Steel Frame. The foldable hammock stand fits conveniently in a carry bag, making it super easy to transport.

Quick Comparison - Foldable Hammocks

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Kamp Rite Kwik Set Hammock
102 x 38 x 35.5"
33 lbs
265 lbs
600D Polyester, Steel
Stalwart Portable Hammock
102 x 38 x 35.5”
20.9 lbs
250 lbs
Canvas, Aluminum
Bliss Hammocks Portable Hammock
84 x 34 x 27”
24 lbs
300 lbs
Polyester, Powder-coated steel
High-Grade Foldable Hammock Folding Hammock
Grand Canyon Gear Foldable Hammock
101 x 25.5-27.5 x 35.5”
20 lbs
250 lbs
Bee-hive-weave net, Steel
Mac Sports Portable Fold-Up Hammock
92.5 x 26.4 x 39.8"
36 lbs
225 lbs
Polyester, nylon; Powder-coated Steel Frame

Is There any Foldable Hammocks Good for Camping?

A portable folding hammock is the most convenient thing to use in camping, beaching, or any outdoor adventure that requires you to travel or hike a lot. While a regular hammock with stand needs to be assembled and dismantled every time you’re done using it a certain time, a folding hammock just needs to be, well, folded. It can easily be packed in a small carrying bag and a lot lighter and ergonomic than a regular hammock with stand. Here is also a list of the best hammock stand currently on the market.

Since a lot of people we know are asking for a good folding hammock recommendation, we feel the need to make a review about the best portable folding hammocks to help other hammock lovers find the best one they can find. We hope you’ll like it! //Amanda and Jared

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The Best Portable Folding Hammocks

Kamp Rite Kwik Set Hammock

the best hammock review

Occupancy Limit: 1 person
Overall Dimensions: 102” x 38” x 35.5”
Folded Dimension: 52” x 11” x 7”
Bed Dimension: 76” x 35”
Weight: 33 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.
Materials: 600D Polyester, Steel

Tough constructed materials

Carrying bag is delicate and easy to rip

Bottom line:
High-quality, portable single hammock

No tree is necessary with this quick set folding hammock. Its collapsible frame is made from sturdy steel that maintains its durability even when repeatedly used all-year long. What we specifically like about this hammock is its added chains for an increase in stability that also decreases your chance to fall.

This foldable hammock is great for lounging as its stiff bed material doesn’t embrace you. It also has a built-in pillow which makes it great to be used if you love to sleep in a hammock.

Although heavy, the foldable frame is absolutely heavy-duty that makes it secure and worry-free. This product is delivered in a carrying bag with two compartments, one for the hammock bed and the other for the stand, making them easy to place and locate when packing.

TIP: Be sure to secure the hammock in each chain extension to tighten the hang and keep it from getting loose.

Features to Note

Love tailgating, camping or going to the beach but your hammock is just too heavy and inconvenient to bring? The Kamp Rite Kwik Set Hammock just solved your problem! At a single purchase, you get a carrying bag, a hammock, and a hammock stand that can be folded that has all these agreeable qualities:

  • Easy to set up hammock frame
  • High-quality 600D Polyester fabric
  • A built-in pillow
  • Added chains for maximum protection
  • Can be left outside for too long
  • Can be installed in a minute flash!

Outdoor adventure has truly never been this easy and fun!

Stalwart Portable Hammock with Frame Stand and Carrying Bag, Black

the best budget hammock review

Occupancy Limit: 1 person
Overall Dimensions: 102”L x 38”W x 35.5”H
Folded Dimension: 7.5”L x 7.5”W x 44.5”H
Bed Dimension: 71”L x 31.5”W
Weight: 20.9 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Materials: Canvas, Aluminum

Quick-dry fabric

Hammock is not mildew-resistant

Bottom line:
The best budget foldable hammock

In case you don’t have enough budget to choose our top pick, we have one item that’s right for your pocket! The Pure Garden portable hammock has all the necessary features of a great folding hammock, but its cost is lower and definitely mass-friendly.

Its frame is made from aluminum with plastic end caps and joints. It also has a canvas fabric connected to each foot so it’s stable and balanced when opened. The best thing about this product is its canvas hammock bed, which makes it dirt-free and quick to dry. However, this fabric can’t be placed outside in the rain or moist areas because it is not waterproof and is susceptible to mold and mildew infestation.

The hammock style is also almost flat and it doesn’t wrap the user like a burrito, making it a good thing for lounging or if you’re sunbathing on the beach.

TIP: Don’t let this hammock in the sun for too long as the aluminum frame gets very hot.

Features to Note

Yes, it’s possible to get an affordable folding hammock if you know what you’re looking for. This brand is not that heavy as the other folding hammocks. Just be sure that you purchase the authentic Stalwart Portable hammock by checking the company’s logo upon purchase so you can enjoy its delightful features.

  • Made from durable aluminum metal
  • Joints are connected by plastic caps
  • The canvas fabric is quick to dry and easy to clean
  • Includes a long carrying bag
  • Easy to set up
  • Great to be used on the beach

A great portable hammock stand that can be folded shouldn’t be expensive!

Bliss Hammocks Portable Hammock

the highest rated hammock review

Occupancy Limit: 1 person
Overall Dimensions: 84” x 34” x 27”
Folded Dimension: 8” x 38”
Bed Dimension: 80” x 35.5”
Weight: 24 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Materials: Polyester, Powder-coated steel

Includes a removable canopy and drink holder

Carrying bag is not that sturdy

Bottom line:
The most fantastic all-in-one hammock

With the Bliss Hammocks folding hammock, you can now lay comfortably without being bothered by glare or little rain as it comes with a detachable canopy. This hammock is best used during camping or any outdoor activities. It has a cup or book holder on its side and a pocket under the hammock bed for your essentials.

If it’s too bothersome for you to carry a whole 30-pound on your back, this hammock just solves your problem because it has two wheels on the bottom which can be used even if it’s inside its carrying bag! When collapsed, this hammock can also be transferred to another place by just pushing its wheels to your desired place.

TIP: In putting the hammock and frame together, don’t lock the frame in place until the hammock is attached.

Features to Note

This product is deserving of all applause because it has all the necessary things we need in our backpacking. Though priced higher than usual, you can see that it is reasonable and definitely a great buy.

  • It’s secured with a double attachment on each end to avoid flipping
  • Comes with a removable overhead canopy to shade you from glare or direct sunlight
  • It is completely flat and gently supports your back
  • Includes a pillow for head support
  • With a magazine holder at the bottom and a cup holder on the side
  • With two wheels on one side for easy transport
  • Smooth folding mechanism

This hammock is a must-have in all your recreational activities!

Grand Canyon Gear High-Grade Foldable Hammock

High-Grade Foldable Hammock Folding HammockOccupancy Limit: 1 person
Overall Dimensions: 101”L x 25.5-27.5”W x 35.5”H
Folded Dimension: 45.2”L x 8”W x 6”H
Bed Dimensions: 74”L x 60”W
Weight: 20 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Materials: Bee-hive-weave net, Steel

Adjustable width settings

Low weight capacity; a strong chemical smell

Bottom line:
A hammock for small to averaged-size persons

This hammock has breathable netting which makes it ideal to be used in hot places. A small person will be slightly wrapped in this hammock but not much in a cocoon, just a little hug like the traditional hammock bed. It amazingly has 3 different settings that allow you to adjust it with the sag and size that you ‘re most comfortable with.

You can fold this hammock up and carry it in its carrying bag. The difference about the Grand Canyon Gear hammock is not only its adjustable height setting, but it also weighs significantly lower than the other foldable hammocks in this list. If 20 pounds is still not that light for you, be informed that the usual weight of a folding hammock with stand is above 30 pounds, making this hammock almost lightweight.

We recommend this hammock for your RVing, hiking, camping, or any kinds of outing that you feel. Backpackers love this hammock due to its portability and durability that is known to last for many years.

TIP: The hammock can be adjusted to different sizes: 79”L x 26”W x 39”H (smallest setting); 90”L x 28”W x 35”H (medium setting); 102”L x 30”W x 31”H (largest setting).

Features to Note

The ergonomic design of the Grand Canyon Gear hammock that can be folded made it popular amongst previous users. Now with the increasing demand for portable hammocks, this brand still maintains its name for one of the most compact and relaxing folding hammocks to date.

  • The hammock frame is made from thick heavy-duty steel
  • The joints are interlocked by Japanese high-grade bearings
  • Its mesh bee-hive-weave netting allows air flow so the user stays cool while lounging
  • It has 3 adjustable settings with over 24 possible setting dimension for custom tension
  • Perfect to be used by children and adults
  • Would only take a few minutes to set up and close

With its amazing features, this hammock is the most customizable item in this list!

Mac Sports Portable Fold-Up Hammock

Occupancy Limit: 1 person
Overall Dimensions:  92.5″L X26.4″W x 39.8″H
Folded Dimension: 52″L X 9.5″W X 7″ H
Bed Dimension: 90”L x 39”W
Weight: 36 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 225 lbs.
Materials: Polyester, nylon; Powder-coated Steel Frame

Retractable pillow and canopy

People over 225 lbs. may find this hammock wobbly

Bottom line:
A highly organized hammock that can be set up in under 5 minutes

That lone time that we sometimes (or most of the time) crave will be more relaxing and satisfying with the Mac Sports fold-up hammock. Take this anywhere you want to go and enjoy the most comfortable spot with its retractable canopy to shield yourself from sunlight and falling leaves! The rod for the canopy is integrated into the frame so you never have to worry about it losing.

The powder-coated steel frame is corrosion-resistant which makes it ideal to be bought in the beach or at poolside. One person can set up this hammock in minutes, without using any tool. The carrying bag itself is impressive as it’s made with a durable nylon fabric that’s sharp-proof. The whole item fits nicely in the bag without being too tight and damaging to both the hammock and the bag.

TIP: Push back the net handle located between each end and carefully lay the frame on the floor. To close the frame, pull it back up using your both hands until the frame is fully collapsed.

Features to Note

If you opt for a highly organized hammock that is very handy on the go, the Mac Sports portable hammock should be in your list. It comprises of a premium grade hammock fabric and a hard-wearing constructed steel frame which makes it ideal to be used outdoors.

  • It also includes a removable nylon canopy
  • Easy-to-pull, built-in canopy rod
  • With retractable pillow
  • The hammock bed is durable and long lasting
  • Secured with double attachment to avoid flipping
  • With a net bag at the bottom
  • Can be put together and collapsed in seconds

It’s ideal for the beach or pool use, it also makes a great gift!

The Best Hammocks with a Foldable Hammock Stand

A Hammock that can be Folded or Stationary Hammock? Which is Better?

Your choice of a hammock really depends on how and where you will be using it. If you only want a sleeping area for your room as an alternative to your beds, a stationary hammock can be used.

They are much heavier and sometimes take 2 persons to assemble. These hammocks arrive in pieces and it would require you to refer to their instruction manual to put them together.

Although they can also be used on outdoor trips such as camping, they’d take a lot of time and more room in the car since their frames are a lot longer and stiffer.

If you tend to bring the hammock with your outings and you don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy carrying a heavy baggage and looking for the perfect parallel trees, a foldable hammock is much more convenient to use. They’re easier to carry, the frames don’t need to be assembled and disassembled in pieces, and they can be set up in literally a minute.

Hikers, campers, and those who love to always have a good time outdoors choose this type of hammock for they are much more efficient and time saver.

Is a Foldable Hammock Stand Safe and How do you Set it Up?

The instructions below are the general procedure in putting together a folding hammock; other brands might have different ways of installation. Please always refer to the manual that’s included in your purchase.

  1. Look for the perfect leveled surface or ground that you want your hammock to be placed on. Remove all the stones or twigs that might cause a bump or scratch to your hammock frame’s feet.
  2. Take out the hammock stand/frame in the carrying bag. Use your two hands as they are heavy and avoid dropping them on the ground as a great impact can cause the bolts and bearings to tear down.
  3. Place the frame in front of you vertically, with both its feet on the ground.
  4. Open them a little and carefully switch your hands to its holders that are located in between the legs. Proceed to open them slowly on the ground.
  5. When the frame is rightly placed, get the hammock bed and place its rope, chain, or eye hook on the frame’s hooks. If the frame has adjustable height setting for the hammock, place it on your desired amount of sag.
  6. Tighten all the hooks and chains and make sure that all the bolts, screws, or any attachment are fully secured before you lay on your hammock.

Closing the hammock takes this same process but in reverse, which means that instead of pushing back the frame to the ground, you pull it with its holders in a vertical position.

Taking Care of your Portable Folding Hammock

 A folding hammock is not that difficult to maintain, it’s even one of the most low-maintenance hammocks. However, if you just let it stay dirty after a long period of time, problems can arrive and its durability won’t be the same as when you first got it.

Here are some ways of handling your folding hammock with care:

  • Right after you’re done using it, always wipe the frame with a dry cloth to remove the dust and dirt on its feet. Do not let the mud dries on the frame as it can corrode the metal. Waiting for the mud to dry up before cleaning might be tempting but it can actually damage the surface over time especially if the feet are covered with plastic end caps.
  • Do not store the frame or the hammock in the bag if they’re damp. We all know that a stored, damp fabric gets a nasty smell and eventually gets mold or mildew. Always see to it that you let your hammock to dry first before putting it away.
  • Check all the joints of the collapsible frame for possible breaks or rust. Sometimes, plastic covers break eventually causing a sharp metal underneath to expose while the metal bearings corrode and can cause the fold to be rugged. Treat the metal to metal joints with oil regularly to maintain its smooth folding mechanism.
  • Wash your hammock bed with water and mild soap. If you intend to machine wash it, always use the lowest speed with the lowest duration to avoid fraying the fabric.

Concluding this Best Foldable Hammock Stand Set Guide

Now that you know the tips and tricks in prolonging the quality of your folding hammock, it’s time to enjoy the day outside or plan your camping trip!

Kamp Rite Kwik Set Hammock

my top pick for this best review

Robustness, affordability, ease of use, and the overall quality are the criteria for this hammock review and the Kamp Rite Kwik Set Hammock tops this ranking. This hammock was not only tested for its great hammocking experience, but it’s also positively acclaimed by users and reviewers alike. So if you still haven’t come up with the best portable folding hammock, give Kamp Rite a try.

The other products mentioned above are also fairly good and you can check them out to help you arrive with the best one that fits your need.