Hammock camping is an ideal activity to enjoy an outdoor experience. Compare to a tent camping, a hammock is lighter and more convenient to carry. This is why a lot of explorers are opting to use hammocks in their camping. And because the use of hammocks has been popular, hammock camping has now been a thing. There are a lot of hammock camping sites available in the United States. Aside from this, campers can visit and explore the national parks in the United States with different aquatic and nonaquatic environments like the desert of Joshua National Park, to the forest of Acadia, and the water experience of Voyageurs National Park.

The following are the best hammock camping sites in the United States in 2020

Best Hammock Camping Sites in the US

1. Acadia National Park

Acadia is probably the top 1 best hammock camping site compared to other national parks. There are more than 17 million acres of pine trees in the state that campers can enjoy. These trees have a good foundation for hammocks and because the area is vast, looking for an excellent spot is easier.

Acadia is not just home to beautiful pine trees, but it also has thousands of lakes, streams, and rivers that campers can enjoy, either in sunrise or sunset.

2. Asheville Bear Creek RV Park

Ashville Bear Creek Park is located in North Carolina, United States. It has been one of the finest destinations not just for campers but also for sightseeing. It is located in the mountain-smattered west of the state where it as the perfect combination of the urban and rural scenery.

The place is also known for its art and beer scenes, which can be enjoyed before taking some rest in your comfortable hammocks. Ashville Bear Creek Park provides a convenient camping for everyone as well as play areas, outdoor pool, laundry facilities, designated pet areas for more convenient stay at the place.

3. Eagle Tree RV Park, Poulsbo

This park is located in Washington. It is located in the Kitsap Peninsula, so this place is a perfect year-round destination. The campers and explorers can have different adventures in the wonderful towns and wonderful vistas in the Olympic Peninsula. The parks are ideal for night staying because it is tucked back into the cedar forest between the Clearwater Casino and historic town of Poulsbo.

The parks are located just fifteen minutes away from Seattle Ferry, which makes it more convenient. The price, location, and the amenities provided there are a great advantage for campers and adventurers.

4. Voyageurs National Park

This park is located in Minnesota and is known for its outstanding water resources popular with kayakers, boaters, fishermen, and canoeists. Its name “voyageurs” commemorates the voyageurs, the French-Canadian fur traders who were the first European settlers who traveled through this place.

There are a lot of activities that campers can do including boating, fishing, paddling, and relaxing on the water. Setting up a hammock over or near these water areas can also be ideal for campers who want to enjoy the aquatic scenery and listen to the flowing waters.

5. Ichetucknee State Park

Ichetucknee State Park is located at 12087 Southwest, US-27, Fort White, FL 32038, United States. It has nine springs namely Cedar bank, Singing, Roaring, Mill Pond, Coffee Springs, and more. The place is also surrounded by the six-mile-long Ichetucknee river. It is known for a great place for aquatic activity, relaxation, and even to hammock campers.

Aside from camping and sightseeing, the campers can also enjoy its wildlife. It is home to otters, gar, wild turkey, limpkin, where beaver, and birds. The upper portion is a national natural landmark, considered to be a pristine spring that can be enjoyed by kayak and canoe activities.

It is also rich with a majestic sandhill environment with longleaf pines that campers can enjoy with their hammocks.

6. Big Bend National Park, Texas

The name “Big Bend” comes from its large bend in the river that offers spectacular views of majestic peaks. The campers can hike to the high peaks or explore the bend through horseback riding.

This dessert is made of millions of acres of tranquil and shadowy canyons. Aside from the beautiful canyons, it also has 1,200 species of plants, 3,600 species of insects, 450 species of birds, 75 species of mammals, 56 species of reptiles, and surprisingly, different sea fossils and dinosaur bones.

7. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is located in California, United States. It is known for its giant sequoia trees, sheer granite cliffs, waterfalls, and more. Getting around the part can be made through the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS), a free public transit system. Four routes connect Yosemite from the gateway communities of Fresno, Mammoth lakes, Merced, and Sanora.

Some of the spots that campers can find and enjoy are the El Capitan, Merced River River, Yosemite Falls, Tuolumne Meadows, Wawona Tunnel View, the Half Dome, and many more.

8. Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park is located in Montana, United States. This national park has a variety of hiking trails such as the backcountry hiking. You can enjoy the glaciers like the Grinnell and Sperry glaciers, which can be very difficult to climb on. However, these glaciers have dwindled from 150 to 25.

Other spots that the campers can go to include the Lake McDonald, Logan Pass, Iceberg Lake Trail, Apgar Nature Center, and many more. The campers can also do some activities like biking, boating, guided tours, and ranger talks.

9. Joshua National Park

Joshua National Park is located in California, United States. This park has two distinct desert ecosystems, Colorado and the Mojave. Here, the campers are greeted with a variety of plants and animals with a beautiful landscape created by winds and occasional torrents of rain. This place is good for camping because it has wonderful geologic features and a wide wilderness. Campers also have the chance to learn about their cultural history.

You can go on an off-road adventure with the San Andreas Fault Jeep tour, and enjoy the stars in your hammocks at night.