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The Best Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Reviews 2020 [Hammock Tents – Highest-Rated Buyer’s Guide]

Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock

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In a hurry for your search for the best camping hammock with a mosquito net and have no time to read this whole hammock tent review? We came to the conclusion the best highest rated hammock with a bug net is the Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock! The parachute-grade ripstop nylon features triple-stitched seams plus a mosquito mesh surface that goes over the top area of this hammock tent with bug net and rain fly.

What is the Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net to Buy?

A camping hammock with a mosquito net, also known as a hammock tent is a popular camping solution that combines the functionality of a hammock with the cover of a tent. This provides you with a brilliant sleeping surface in any spot where there are lots of trees. A hammock tent will protect you from leaves, rain, and other items that might fall off from the trees in a local area.

You have many choices for a hammock tent that you can use and by finding a waterproof hammock tent for camping can really save your camping trip! Let’s look at some of the top-rated camping hammocks that come with a mosquito net around. We hope you’ll like it!//Amanda and Jared

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Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock

Type: Double hammock
Size: 10 x 6 feet
Assembly Weight: 1.75 pounds
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: Nylon and polyester

The Best hammock tent to see is this Everest Hammock Tent. The parachute-grade nylon features triple-stitched seams plus a mosquito mesh surface that goes over the top area. The mosquito net is made with a thick polyester surface. The net can be removed and put back together as desired. This is supported with a series of ropes that include openings around the middle to secure carabiners together alongside tree strings that keep the hammock upright.

You can find more pictures of this highest rated hammock tent here!

TIP – See how well the cover on the hammock tent can block out the sun’s rays. A quality tent will keep light out so you can get to sleep.

G4Free Portable and Foldable Camping Hammock

| Foldable Hammock with a Mosquito Net |

Type: Mosquito net hammock
Size: 110 x 50 inches
Assembly Weight: 1.75 pounds
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
Materials: Parachute nylon

This G4Free hammock is a single hammock model that uses a sturdy seal between the main body and the net covering. A mosquito net is made with a dense mesh material to keep pests from entering into the hammock. The parachute nylon surface dries up quickly and resists mildew and other grows that might come about over time. The three-meter nautical-grade line adds a strong surface that is comfortable and easy to apply around some trees.

You can find more images and user reviews over at Amazon by clicking here!

TIP – Watch for how well the cover on your hammock can fit over your hammock. Some models attach all around the entire surface while others are simple canopies.

Zoophyter Hammock Tent

Type: Hanging hammock Tent
Size: 106 x 55 inches
Assembly Weight: 1.4 pounds
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Materials: Nylon taffeta

The Zoophyter hammock tent features a military-grade nylon paracord rope on each surface. Designed with the same standards used in the military, this rope has a dense weave that does not come apart easily. The nylon body on the rest of this military hammock tent features a soft taffeta finish.

It’s also a hammock tent with a mosquito net that links up quickly to the rest of the camping hammock, thus creating a strong seal. A reversible zipper keeps the net intact. Four separate hanging spots are included along with the top of the mosquito net, thus letting you secure a line through them to keep the net from sagging down.

You can read user reviews of the Zoophyter Hanging Hammock Tent here!

TIP – Always review the instructions for how to fold up your hammock tent into an accompanying bag.

JingStyle Outdoor Camping Double Hammock

| A Hammock Tent with the highest Weight Capacity |

Type: Double camping hammock tent
Size: 10 x 4.5 feet
Assembly Weight: –
Weight Capacity: 660 pounds
Materials: Nylon parachute fabric

The parts on this double hammock include a mosquito net secured by two 13-foot net ropes. This double camping hammock with a bug net adds a proper covering over your hammock to create a tent-like surface. The thick parachute nylon surface adds a strong body that will stay intact for a while and keeps you secure. The setup allows you to link the hammock up to some trees in just a matter of moments, thus making it easy to work with for getting your hammock ready.


You can find more pictures of the hammock tent as well as read user reviews here!

TIP – The installation process for your hammock tent should be identical to what you would require out of any other hammock.

Cambond Camping Hammock

Type: Double hammock
Size: 9.5 x 4.7 feet
Assembly Weight: 1.8 pounds
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
Materials: Parachute nylon

This camping hammock with a parachute nylon surface provides you with a soft and breathable surface that keeps you dry while sleeping. The ropes on the sides come with ten loops on the webbing features on the end. You would add a carabiner into one of those loops and secure it on a tree rope or other fastening item. This is also a camping hammock with a bug net that comes with a secure bag that keeps your hammock protected.

You can find images and user reviews of this parachute nylon camping hammock tent here!

TIP – Watch for how you can adjust the hammock’s layout. The hammock should be easy to adjust based on the any loops or other measuring items included on the bands or ropes.

Hi Suyi Lightweight Foldable Parachute Hammock Tent

Type: Foldable Double hammock Tent
Size: 260 x 140 cm
Assembly Weight:
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
Materials: Taffeta parachute nylon

The camouflage design of this hammock tent is attractive, but the mosquito ropes used for securing the covering over the hammock tent are the most notable features. These ropes link to the base of the hammock through a series of posts on the main body. The ropes work alongside the basic ties and securing ropes on the ends of the hammock to create an adjustable body that can be as tight or loose as needed. A great camouflage camping tent with mosquito net!

You can find more pictures of this lightweight foldable hammock tent here!

TIP – Keep your hammock tent at least three feet off of the ground if possible. This is to keep your tent from bearing with excess moisture from the ground.

isYoung Hammock with Mosquito Net

Type: Budget Hammock Tent with a mosquito net
Size: 114 x 57 inches
Assembly Weight: 2.2 pounds
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
Materials: Parachute nylon

The hammock tent uses a slim mosquito net on the top to keep you protected. The nylon fabric features parachute-strength materials that prevent bacteria from growing. A bag is attached onto the side of the hammock to help you secure the unit in its place when you are not using it. Reversible zippers also make it easy for you to add and remove the cover on the hammock tent.

It is the best budget hammock tent with a bug net, If you want to read user reviews – go to Amazon by clicking here!

TIP – You can add a blanket into your hammock tent provided that the blanket is not too thick. The hammock should support the weight of the blanket and will add an extra protective cover.

Physport Hammock Tent with Mosquito Portable Parachute Fabric Net

Type: Double hammock tent with portable mosquito net
Size: 250 x 120 cm
Assembly Weight: 1.5 pounds
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: Nylon plus mosquito mesh

The mosquito net on this hammock tent can be secured through a basic zipper connection. Two ten-foot ropes help with connecting the tent to some trees. The thick parachute nylon adds a powerful surface that keeps the tent attached well enough. The nylon surface dries up fast and allows air to move through, thus keeping you from overheating. You can always add a blanket or pad to the base of the hammock body if needed.

As this is a camping hammock with a zipper mosquito net, read user reviews here in order to know what verified purchasers thinks of this hammock tent!

TIP – Be sure the hammock is applied evenly between two trees. A hammock installed too close to one tree over another is tough to adjust.

SunKuan Outdoor Camping Hammock

Type: Double hammock
Size: 100 x 47 inches
Assembly Weight: 1.5 pounds
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
Materials: Parachute nylon

The poles on the double hammock are made with fiberglass materials to keep their weight down while retaining added strength. The inside body is large enough to let you add a sleeping pad or blanket to the bottom area. The hammock tent can also be folded up automatically when you do not need to use it.

The covering can be reversed when not needed. You would have to lay out the cover before you secure your hammock onto a tree.

You can find more pictures of the hammock and read user reviews here!

TIP – Review how thick the straps on the ends of the hammock are laid out. They must be thick enough to stay intact even after all that extra weight is added onto their bodies.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Type: Camping hammock
Size: 90 x 42 inches
Assembly Weight: 4.25 pounds
Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
Materials: Ripstop nylon and polyester

This Lawson Hammock camping hammock tent uses an arch pole and spreader bar layout that lets you secure the hammock onto some trees. The design produces a traditional hammock surface while offering a full cover similar to what you’d get off of a tent. A rain fly and bug net can be added onto the top part of the tent. The design offers a clear body when the rain fly or net is not added, but those additional items can add a cover to keep you from being bothered.

You can find more pictures of the hammock and read user reviews here!

TIP – Be aware of how any ties or securing features on your hammock are laid out before you secure your hammock. You must look at how well the hammock can be secured onto a tree.

SnugPak Proforce Equipment Jungle Hammock

Type: Survival Camping Hammock with Bug Net
Size: 108 x 56 inches
Assembly Weight:
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: –

The last hammock tent features a survival-like design to it. This tent features four separate ropes on the sides to produce a strong coverage space. The mosquito netting is built into the hammock with fasteners included on one side to keep the netting tight and secure around the hammock. Two poles may work along the top part of the hammock to keep the netting upright without landing on you while you use the hammock.

You can find more pictures of the hammock and read user reviews here!

TIP – Watch for any openings that might be found around the netting. You might have to get a replacement netting if the surface you have ever tears up.

The Best Hammock Tent Reviews – What to look for in a Hammock Tent?

The Best Camping Hammock  with Mosquito Net (Hammock Tent) Buyers Guide

Whereas you might find a camping hammock that comes with a tarp that goes over its body, a hammock tent works differently. This kind of tent uses a covering that affixes itself directly onto the hammock, thus creating a protective surface. There are many added points to look into as you find a comfortable hammock tent for use, while there are a vast number of hammock tents with a mosquito net.

Review the Nylon

Your hammock tent will more than likely be made with a nylon body. Nylon is a staple of hammock tents and camping tents alike thanks to how it offers a thicker and sturdier body.

There are two points to see out of the nylon application you use:

  1. Thread count. Many nylon surfaces are 210T or 70D models. This is a surface that features 210 threads in a square inch, thus adding a thicker body. The threads are tied other together as closely as possible to create a better body. 210T or 70D nylon surfaces are often referred to as parachute-quality nylon applications because it is identical to what is used in parachutes, hot air balloons, and other heavy-duty surfaces.
  2. Added surface points. You may find taffeta textures on some nylon tents. Taffeta is made from silk. It is a smooth surface that flexes well and retains the same thick thread features that a nylon tent might already have.

The nylon on your tent should be strong and capable of handling moisture without problems. This provides you with a good organization that is not tough to work with.

Look At the Stitching

The stitching feature on the tent should be examined. A hammock tent with a triple-stitching layout is recommended as this entails multiple strings connecting with one another. This adds a comfortable body when applied correctly.

Single or Double hammock tent?

Most hammock tents are made with double bodies. A double hammock tent can fit two people at a time. The surface area is larger while the weight capacity is often more than 400 pounds. A double hammock tent is also often referred to as a  2-person hammock tent.

Some double hammock tents allow you to lie along with the length or width of the hammock. You would have to remove the tent covering from the hammock if you want to rest along the width of the hammock.

Weight Points – How much do a camping hammock with a bug net weight?

A hammock tent is designed to be light in weight, what with it being used for camping intentions. You should find a lightweight hammock tent that weighs around one to three pounds.

Some added weight may be included from poles and other you use around the tent. However, the weight should not be any greater than five pounds when the full layout and design of the hammock tent is put into consideration.

Camping Hammock Tents recommended weight capacity

Another point relating to weight that should be analyzed involves the weight capacity within your hammock tent. You should expect to get around 200 to 300 pounds of weight supported in a traditional single hammock or 400 pounds or more of capacity in a double hammock tent with a high weight capacity.

Regardless of the capacity, you should avoid trying to get too close to that capacity for your safety. Also, you must review the trees or other things you are supporting the hammock tent to so you know what can be safely affixed.

What Is the Cover Like?

The cover that goes over the hammock tent bed should be checked upon based on how well it is laid out. The cover for the hammock tent may include one of a few options:

  1. A canopy may be used over your hammock tent. This is designed to create a small opening on the sides to allow air to move in.
  2. A cover may fully secure the entire sleeping area of the tent bed. This can come with a two-way zipper or other enclosure so you can enter into the hammock tent and then close it up before opening it to get out after a while.

How Does a Hammock Tent with a Mosquito Net Work?

Many of the covers you will come across when finding a hammock tent include mosquito netting features. A mosquito net works as a cover designed to block out mosquitos and other pests. These include pests that might carry various dangerous diseases. Also, a camping hammock that comes with a mosquito net is also usually a hammock tent with a bug net.

The mosquito net is dense enough to keep them out of the way while allowing air to move through. You could also treat your net with an insecticide, but that is an optional choice to use when taking care of your net. Sometimes the camping hammock and the mosquito neck is sold seperately.

The mosquito net should be made with a dense mesh body. Polyester and cotton are often used, but a nylon surface that matches up with the main hammock body may work too.

The mesh should be checked based on how small the openings are. The openings should be less than 1.2 millimeters if possible. The small size prevents mosquitoes and most other pests from entering into the hammock tent.

Find a Hammock Tent with a Rain Tarp

A rain tarp may be included on your hammock tent. This applies over the body of the camping hammock as a cover to keep rain from being a threat.

Some hammocks do not come with rain tarps. You would have to get a separate tarp hung over your netting in this case.

Blanket or Quilting Support for a Camping Hammock

The smooth body of a hammock tent might offer enough room for you to add a blanket or quilt into it. An added fabric that can handle outdoor conditions may be added into the hammock tent to provide you with a more comfortable space so you can use the hammock tent for sleeping. This may work when you’re trying to sleep in your hammock tent during chilled conditions.

A quilt or other surface may also be added onto the bottom part of the hammock tent. The quilt provides you with an added lining on the tent. This lining adds a surface that lets you relax on the tent while feeling a little more comfortable. The surface will also insulate the hammock a little more, thus keeping you warmer. This is ideal for when you’re going to sleep in camping spots that might become chilled during the evening hours.

Are Pillows Included in a hammock tent?

Although it is not all that likely to be something you will find, you may still find a pillow in your hammock tent. A matching pillow will give you a comfortable space to rest on. The pillow that comes with the hammock tent should be made with the same material as what the rest of the tent is built with.

But for cases where a pillow is not included, you would have to supply your own.

Installation of a Mosquito Net for a Camping Hammock

The process for installing your hammock tent should be simple. You would have to use a few steps:

  1. Get a carabiner added onto a strap or other space on each of the ends of the tent.
  2. Affix the carabiner onto a tree rope material that you strand along the trees that the tent will be affixed onto.
  3. Be sure the hammock tent is straightened out well and that it will not sag or sink down after you are done installing it.
  4. Apply the tent surface on the top part of the tent. The surface may be affixed through a series of buttons, strings or ties. A zipper may also work.
  5. A series of poles may also be found on the top part of the tent covering. You might have to secure the poles onto the trees that you are already getting your hammock tent applied onto.

The installation process will vary based on the certain hammock tent model you have. Check on the instructions that come with your hammock to get an idea of what you can find here.

Review the Carry Bag Included with your Hammock Tent

A bag or other storage spot might be included on your hammock tent. The hammock tent bag should be made of the same surface as the rest of the hammock tent. The storage bag may also be affixed on the side of the tent and will hang outward while the hammock is open.

Be aware of how you will fold off the hammock tent when you are done using it. The instructions for this process will vary based on what you plan on using.

Storage Pocket Points on a Camping Hammock Tent

You may find some storage pockets inside your hammock tent. These pockets are often found on the inside part of the hammock tent. A pocket provides you with a space that lets you store something of value like camping equipment or a phone among other items.

The pockets in a hammock tent should be strong enough to take in your materials while still be easy to access. Be sure you don’t lie into the storage pocket when you use it either, as you do not want to risk anything you have in the space being damaged. 


Can you add more than one hammock tent cover onto your camping hammock?

You might be able to add an extra rain tarp over the tent, but that is optional.

Can you wash a hammock tent in a washing machine?

This is not recommended as your hammock tent might wear out fast and could be tough to clean off all the way while in the tent.

Can you add your own poles onto a hammock tent?

You can always use your own poles instead of what a tent comes with, but those poles must fit accordingly.

Is a Hammock Tent the same as a camping hammock?

It’s just semantics. We decided to call them hammock tents – but they are also often referred to as camping hammocks with mosquito net or camping hammocks with bug out bag.

Should I Buy a Hammock tent instead of a camping hammock with a mosquito net?

All of the camping hammocks with a mosquito net in this hammock tent review comes fully assembled and great for their purpose. It’s up to you to look around to see if there is something you think could be good for you! Just don look for any budget hammock tents, since they tend to be of lower quality!

Which are the highest rated hammock tents?

This is hard to say since ranking of the high rated hammock stands always changes! But we are updating this hammock tent review whenever there is products that blow up on the market.

What is the Best budget hammock tent?

Depending on what kind of budget hammock tent you’re interested in, you should try to look at quality before price. You don’t want to find yourself with a budget hammock tent for a camping trip and have it give up on you.

What is the safest hammock stand?

This hammock tent review includes only the safest hammock tents on the market! So as long as you cohere to the hammock tents instructions – you’d be fine!

Concluding this Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Review (Hammock Tent) 2020

No matter if you’re looking for the highest rated hammock tent for cold camping or the best camping hammock with a mosquito net, we both hope that this hammock tent review can help you find what you’re looking for!

Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock

my top pick for this best review

No matter if you just scrolled down to the bottom of this camping hammock with mosquito net review, or read it all – we still believe that the best highest rated hammock tent is the Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock! The parachute-grade ripstop nylon features triple-stitched seams plus a mosquito mesh surface that goes over the top area of this hammock tent with bug net and rain fly.