quilted hammocks

Quilted Hammocks

Quilted hammocks use a spreader bar to stretch the hammock out, making it very easy to use without feeling trapped like a cocoon. The quilted hammocks padding usually comes with intricate and aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors that add a modern and stylish look to any interior.

The quilted hammock is also very weather resistant, making it good for outdoor use and can last a long time while still keeping a high quality.

A good example is Sunnydaze Quilted Two Person Hammock which is also available in a vast array of different colors.  

Rope Hammock

Rope Hammocks

Think “Carribean beach” and you will instantly tie this type of hammock to that kind of environment.

This is a typical style of hammocks that come with wooden spreader bars on the ends. They have a classic look which adds a touch of “elegance” to any outdoor or indoor interior. They are good for a hot climate and usually comes at a good price.

A good example is the Pawleys Island DuraCord Double Rope Hammock which is a sturdy and nice looking rope hammock that is available in many different colors. It also comes with zinc-plated hanging hardware which is needed for tree installation.

camping hammock

Camping Hammocks

A camping hammock is exactly what you might be thinking, a hammock for the wildlife. They are built to withstand any type of climate and focus lies on comfort, lightweight and durability. They are often used as a complement to sleeping in a tent and is a good way to both experiences another way of camping and to save a lot of carrying luggage.

The fabric is usually lightweight nylon anise used by both hobby campers and more hardened expedition types.

A good example is the ENO Eagles DoubleNest Hammock which is without a doubt the most popular one on the market.

Hammocks on Stands

This can actually be pretty confusing, but stands for hammocks can often be used for different types of hammocks. Usually, when buying a hammock, there will be an option to buy a stand together with the hammock. If there is not, there is a lot of universal hammock stands that can be used for your hammocks special needs.

All you need to do is to know the length of your hammock and the length-capacity of the hammock stand in order to make them match.

For example, buying a hammock stand for your hammock can look something like the Best Choice Space-Saving Steel Hammock Stand.

hammock chairs

Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs are a good complement for someone who only wants the benefit of a smaller size hammock – for example reading, napping or just chilling in a backyard. Hammock chairs come in as many variations as a normal hammock (except for camping purposes) and can be individualized just as much!

They can be hanged from the ceiling, on the porch, from a tree or from a hammock chair stand.

A good example is the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair which can be bought without an adjustable multi-use stand.

Brazilian Hammocks

There’s no wonder that more than half of the people in Ceara, Brazil, where many of these hammocks are made, prefer to sleep in them rather than in beds! They are super good for both your back and for your sleep quality – and once you’ve tried one, you would probably agree with the Brazilians on this.

The Brazilian hammocks are tightly woven with long-lasting cotton thread and are an ideal fit for an assortment of relaxation needs.

For example, the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock is one of the most popular ones over at Amazon.com and it also comes at an affordable price. 

mayan hammocks

Mayan Hammocks

The Mayan hammocks are hand woven by the Mayan Indians from the Yucatan peninsula who uses a traditional technique passed down throughout the generations. The key to the Mayan hammocks’ legendary comfort is the diamond weave pattern, which wraps around the body to create a “cocoon” effect.

The colors are colorful and uplifting – perfect as decor for any indoor or outdoor bohemian setting.

For example, the Hammocks Rada – Handmade Yucatan Hammock claims to be the worlds best handmade hammock. It is also one of the most popular ones over at Amazon.com and it also comes at an affordable price. 

nicaraguan hammock

Nicaraguan/American Style Hammocks

The Nicaraguan Hammock is a very large hammock. A big amount of cotton is used in the making of this hammock – resulting in a thick and sturdy hammock that can be used for a lot of different purposes. This style of hammock has also been commercialized in the US. going under the term “American style Hammock”

The hammocks are usually handmade in Nicaragua, where the focus is on making a large and comfortable hammock that mixes comfort with relaxation, but not necessarily for sleep. Most Nicaraguan hammocks use spreader bars to make it wide enough to not feel trapped in its massive amount of cotton.

For example, the Sunnydaze Deluxe Hammock American Style comes with Spreader Bars and have a whopping 770 pound capacity!