Two never-ending trends that are still as popular as ever is the ombré color and the macrame handwork. I have made a complete guide that combines them both and will hopefully brighten your interior of either your house or your backyard.

Making your own hammock is not as hard as one might think, but adding the macrame knots makes it a bit more tedious before you have a complete and relax-ready hammock.

You can either choose to make a version with only fabric and rope or if you want to make one with extension ropes and the macrame knots.

This is something that is a perfect outdoors and summer-activity and the reward is to be able to lie down in your own-made hammock, in whichever color you decide!

You Need:

Linen 40 x 100 inches.
fabric dye
Steering stick
Bucket to use to dye
macrame rope
tree marbles
Spreader bars made of wood
4 metal rings
2 carabiners
hanging rope (To attach around the trees)

This is What You Need to do:

1. Cut the linen fabric to the desired size. I cut it to 38 x 100 inches. Be cautious that the linen fabric shrinks a lot!

2. Wash the fabric before dying. Dry it, but keep it wet.

3. Mix the fabric color according to the instructions. It’s common to use salt in this process.

4. If you’d like to do the ombrécoloring that I did, more colored in the ends that fades into the middle, you need to fold the fabric in the short-ends so that you dip the desired amount of the fabrics ends.

5. Dip approximately 2-4 inches into the bucket of dye, and hang the rest of the fabric over the bucket. Keep dipping more and more of the fabric to get the desired look. I did a total amount of 6 dips in order to get this result. Don’t forget to twist out the remaining water and let it dry.

ombre colored hammock fabric

While the fabric is still wet, you can continue to knot the hanging ropes and the decor to the short ends.

There is a special type of rope called macrame rope, but you can use pretty much any kind of rope with the right thickness

6. Cut 4 macrame ropes that are at least 8 times as long as the final length that you wish your hanging ropes to be.

7. Take one of the ropes and measure your midpoint. Make a lark head around one of the metal circles.

8. Do the same right next to the first rope and decide which side you want facing up.

macrambe rope and metal ring for hammock rope

9. Wind your thread to the left as the picture shows with a rubber band and do the same on the right side. It makes it A LOT easier to continue doing the rope. The two middle threads should be the ones you base the knots off of.

10. Do regular half hitches alternating from left to right around the two middle threads.

11. When you have a rope that is at least 20 inches, continue doing two new threads with lark heads right beside the first one as the image suggests.

macrambe rope done with the knot

Repeat this process with the other metal circle, as these will be the hanging ropes that will be attached to the spreader bars on each of the short ends. 

12. Do the decors as mentioned below

This is how you make the decorative fringes to the spreader bars.

13. My hammock is going to be 30 inches wide, so I want the fringes to be 30 inches as well. For safekeeping, I will use 33 inches of macrame rope.

14. Make two knots in each of the thread 30 inches apart.

15. Unfortunately, my board was only around 25 inches, but as you can see I could manage to make it work anyway. Pinch the thread down with some needles.

16. Cut 36 macrame ropes that are around 80 inches long.

17. Measure the midpoint of every band and attach them with larks heads on the pinned down thread as the image suggests.

How to make a hammock with macrame knots [With Images]

18. Attach some attachment tape to it’s easier to get the ropes through the wooden marble.


19. Place the marbles as the image shows. You will need a total of 17 tree marbles.

makrame remove the tape so that the tree marbles can be attached
Remove the tape so that you can continue with the knots. 

20. Continue starting from left and take the 4 first ropes and make 3 clove hitches in a row. Take the next 4 ropes and repeat.

21. Then take the 2 first ropes and make an ordinary knot to tie them together. Take the 4 following ropes and tie them as an ordinary knot. Continue this process all the way from left to right.

Leave the fringes as long as you’d like. Leave at least 8 inches and use the scissors to make the fringes as even as possible. 

fringes macrame pattern

22. Repeat the progress to have the decor on both of the spreader bars.

23. Saw the spreader bars that have at least a 1.3 inches in diameter and 40 inches long. Drill a 0.3 inches whole (or according to the thickness of your ropes).

Now, sew the actual hammock. Ion the fabric beforehand.

24. Fold and sew the hammock on each of the short ends, customized to the thickness of your spreader bars. Do it with double stitches to strengthen it.

tree marbles in macrame pattern
Attach the decor fringes on each side of the short ends. I did the stitches with an ordinary needle, but feel free to attach them however you want. 

25. Tape the ends as the image shows, so that they won’t come loose.

spreader bar

26. Take the spreader bars and glide them through the ridges in the hammock fabric. Make a knot and remove the tape. Do the same on all 4 sides.

27. Put a carabiner on each of the sides so that it gets easier to hang the hammock.

28. Attach two ropes with metal rings in two trees and hang the hammock where you see fit. If you don’t have access to any trees, you can use a regular hammock stand as well, which you, of course, don’t have to make yourself! Find one in this hammock stand review!

Try the hammock out by putting something that is just as heavy as you in order to test the quality and safety of the hammock.

29. Enjoy! 🙂

the finished hammock i made with macrambe and ombre