The Best Porch Swings Review and Buyers Guide in 2018

The Best Porch Swing Reviews 2020 [Highest-Rated Buyer’s Guide]

Sunnydaze Deluxe 3-Person Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Canopy and Elegant Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Beige Cushions

Sunnydaze Deluxe 3-Person Porch Swing with Canopy and Heavy Duty Steel Frame

my top pick for this best review

In a hurry for your search for the best porch swing and have no time to read this whole porch swing review? We came to the conclusion that winner is the Sunnydaze Deluxe 3-Person Porch Swing with Canopy and Heavy Duty Steel Frame! Spend the afternoon or evening hours with your loved ones as you gently sway in this sumptuous outdoor patio swing that can accommodate up to three people at a time. The shade securely slips into place providing you with extra comfort from the rays of the sun.

This item features a powder-coated tubular steel frame as well as beige polyester canvas cushions and tilting canopy.

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What Kind of Porch Swing Should I Buy?

A comfortable patio swing makes for a wonderful decorative accent to the front or back of your home while also being functional. Enjoy a good night and marvel at the local scenery. Relax with a loved one on a swing for a romantic night. No matter what you do with your swing, you will have something that feels enjoyable.

But to make the most out of ayour experience, you have to look at what is available. There are many choices to consider when finding a porch swing that you will enjoy relaxing on. All links take you to, and by clicking through lets us earn a small commission!//Amanda and Jared

we are jared and amanada and we wrote this article royalhammockheadquarters

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Cafe Amish Heavy Duty 4 Foot Swing

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Type: Bench Type
Size: 52 x 27 x 21 inches
Assembly Weight: 52 pounds
Weight Capacity: 800 pounds
Materials: Pine wood

This Porch Swing with Pine wood is kiln-dried and pressure treated to create a sturdy surface. The slats are an inch thick each and are connected by screws. A soy-based stain is added to produce a cedar tone. This is also a porch swing with cup holders included on the ends of the wood. Hanging chains are added on the sides. The setup is partially assembled, but you will have to secure the chains and a few other pieces together to create a better swing. It is an overall great bench swing and this is, as the image suggests, a porch swing made of pine wood.

You can find more images and read more user reviews of the Cafe Amish Heavy Duty 4 Foot Swing by following the link over to Amazon.

TIP – Be aware of what you need when installing. You might have to get your own tools depending on the swing model you want to order.

Kilmer Creek Natural Cedar Porch Swing

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Type: Traditional
Size: 23 x 62 x 27 inches
Assembly Weight: 50 pounds
Weight Capacity: 550 pounds
Materials: Cedar Wood

This Porch Swing made of a Western Red Cedar wood body resists pests and rot with ease. The contour seating surface adds a comfortable space for relaxation. The contour can be noticed near the end of the seat as it adds a relaxed surface for you to relax your legs on.

The design only uses screws and bolts to keep it intact. No nails are required, thus ensuring the risk of the swing coming apart would be minimal. A quality and one of the safest porch swings on the market.

If you’re interested to read user reviews Kilmer Creek Natural Cedar Porch Swing from verified purchasers, click the link!

TIP – Review how well your swing can take in a stain or paint application. Be aware of how often you might have to get one of these applications added onto your swing body.

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing

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| The Best Porch Swing with Cedar Log Bars |

Type: Log Bar Style
Size: 48 x 26 x 45 inches
Assembly Weight: 60 pounds
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: White cedar wood

This design is different as it features a series of white cedar logs around its body. The chains are replaced with large wood bars. These bars include small rings on their top parts to let you secure the bench onto your ceiling hooks. The seat slats come with curved bodies to create a better fit. This porch swing made of cedar wood offers a white base with a few natural knot accents. This is a porch swing with hanging chains included.

You can find more images and read reviews of the Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Swing here!

TIP – Look at the clearance within your patio and see that the ceiling is not too low to where it would be hard to add one into the space.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Furniture Fluer-De-Lis Swing

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Type: Metal Swing
Size: 52 x 21 x 19 inches
Assembly Weight: 44 pounds
Weight Capacity: 485 pounds
Materials: Metal

The black or bronze metal design on this best choice porch swing includes a fleur-de-lis design on the back area. An installed hanging chain is included with the chain being around six feet in length. The seating area is two inches thick while the back part is an inch thick. At about 44 pounds in weight, this is a porch swing that is easy to assemble and fix up on any patio you want to use it on.

Read user reviews of the Best Choice Products Outdoor Furniture Fluer-De-Lis Swing. It’s a great way to know what other thinks about this steel porch swing.

TIP – Check on the surface on occasion. You might have to sand down certain bits of metal or wood surfaces on occasion to create a smooth surface.

Le Papillon Outdoor 3-Person Swing Hammock

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| The Best 3 person Canopy Swing with Stand |

Type: Canopy Style Swing
Size: 79 x 46 x 68 inches
Assembly Weight: 95 pounds
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds
Materials: Metal with polyester

This next choice is different in that it is a canopy swing that does not require a ceiling for you to install it on. This is a canopy porch swing with a great design that provides you with a swinging setup that is supported by metal bars and legs all the way through. The polyester canopy adds a comfortable surface that blocks the sun’s rays while resisting moisture. The three seats on this hammock are also fully cushioned to add a soft surface to sit on.

This is probably the best canopy swing you can find! Read user reviews of the Le Papillon Outdoor 3-Person Swing Hammock over on Amazon by verified purchasers.

TIP – Be aware of how well the seats on your hammock are laid out. The seats should be organized to be comfortable and easy to get on.

Jack Post Country Garden Swing Seat

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Type: Wooden Garden Swing
Size: 52 x 27 x 24.75 inches
Assembly Weight: 30 pounds
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
Materials: Steel and hardwood

This Jack Post swing seat features a combination of solid wood that comes from fruit trees and steel with a bronze coated finish. This garden swing seat is four feet wide and includes wood slats laid out along a three-part metal layout. Small wood slats are also included on the armrests. The swing chain is affixed onto four parts of the swing to create an even balance. It is a garden swing with a high weight capacity!

You can find more pictures of the hammock and read user reviews here!

TIP – Check on the length of the swing chain when buying a porch garden swing. The chain must be long enough to fit under a certain area on your porch without the swing contacting the ground.

Coral Coast White Finish Pleasant Bay Swing

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Type: Wooden Garden Swing
Size: 48 x 20 x 21 inches
Assembly Weight: 37 pounds
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: Acacia wood

Designed for use in all weather conditions, this Coral Coast porch swing made out of wood features a curved back design. The layout offers a comfortable surface that is easy to relax on. The slats are spaced out evenly with each of the gaps being around the same size as the slats themselves. This is a porch swing made of Acacia wood, which is used to create a comfortable surface that is thick and does not wear out fast. A white finish is also added to fit in well on most porch areas.

You can find more picturesand user reviews of the Coral Coast White Finish Pleasant Bay Swing! One of the best porch swings for relaxing!

TIP – Look at the openings around the swing to see how cushions may be attached. You might be able to tie a cushion onto a series of posts on the swing.

Ecommersify Inc Rolled Seating Swing

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| The most Durable Porch Swing with High Weight Capacity |

Type: Rolled Swing
Size: 63.5 x 28 x 24.5 inches
Assembly Weight: –
Weight Capacity: 800 pounds
Materials: Pinewood

This swing uses a rolled design where the end of the seat features a slight curve. The shape allows more wood slats to link up to create a rolled appearance at the end. Kiln-dried pine wood is used to create a sturdy surface.

A portable cup holder is also included on this Patio swing bench. The holder is designed to fit into the seating area and will not slide off. You can remove the holder from the seat and place it on any part of the seat that you want it on.

It is truly a great porch/patio swing made out of pinewoods!  You can find more images and read user reviews here!

TIP – See how the wood pieces on a swing are laid out. They should not come with any sharp edges.

Yaheetech Iron Porch Swing

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Type: Iron Porch Bench Swing
Size: 50.4 x 25 x 18.9 inches
Assembly Weight: 36 pounds
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
Materials: Iron

The iron surface of this Garden bench swing is made with a fleur-de-lis pattern on the back area. This porch swing with a powder-coated finish produces a surface that will not rust. You can use a washcloth to clean off this best looking porch swing made of iron.

This patio swing with armrests has slight curves on their bodies to add to your comfort. The adjustable chains allow you to quickly control the height of the swing. Those chains are also made with iron materials while a glossy oil surface keeps them shining brightly.

The Yaheetech Iron Porch Swing is one of the best powder coated porch swings, go to Amazon by following the link in order to see more images of the swing.

TIP – Be aware of how you can wash off your wooden patio swinging bench. Mild soap materials are typically best.

Southern Cypress Handmade Porch Swing

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| The Most Beautiful Handmade Porch Swing |

Type: Traditional Wooden Bench Swing
Size: 53 x 48 x 20 inches
Assembly Weight: 65 pounds
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: Cypress Wood

This is a four-foot cypress wood porch swing with cup holders built into the arms on the ends. The design uses solid steel nuts and bolts alongside brass screws to create a solid and a very safe porch swing. No staples are required to get this one ready. The slats are fully sanded and rounded off to produce a comfortable space all around. Brass screws are also used for keeping everything together.

Read user reviews that show that Southern Cypress Handmade Porch Swing is one of the most beautiful handmade porch swings on the market by following this link to Amazon!

TIP – Be cautious with the cup holders that come with. Using cups that are too small for it could cause you to spill something on the swing, thus causing it to stain.

Highwood Weatherly Porch Swing

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| The Best Traditional Porch Swing to Buy |

Type: Traditional Style Bench Swing
Size: 64 x 20 x 25 inches
Assembly Weight: 43 pounds
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
Materials: Synthetic wood

Plastic materials are used to create a wood-like design along the body of the porch swing. The plastic features rounded corners and a smooth surface that is easy on the skin. This does not require painting or staining. The back area is slightly curved to offer a comfortable space that one can relax on at any time. Stainless steel hardware is also used to keep the pieces on the swing together and to handle tough outdoor conditions. This is one of the best porch swings for a bad back!

We’re not the only ones that found the Highwood Weatherly Porch Swing to be the top pick, read user reviews here!

TIP – Look at the maintenance instructions. See that those instructions are easy to follow and that you can maintain the proper standards for your swing.

Mainstays Belden Park Outdoor Swing

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Type: Cushioned Swing Bench
Size: 28 x 48 x 20 inches
Assembly Weight: –
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
Materials: Steel with polyester cushions

This outdoor 2 person porch swing with cushions uses a series of polyester cushions with matching polyester fiber filling. The porch swing cushions are organized to offer a two-person seating arrangement. The porch bench swing uses a steel frame with an added steel chain layout to keep your seat organized and even. The cushions are measured to fit the sizing on the bench swing, thus producing a more comfortable layout when used right. Also a comfortable porch wooden swing for a bad back.

You can find more images and read user reviews here!

TIP – Review any UV ratings for your swing if possible. The UV rating will list how well your swing can handle the sun’s rays while left outdoors to create a vibrant surface for use in a space.

Better Homes and Gardens Camrose Farmhouse Wicker Porch Swing

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| The Best Looking Porch Swing Made of Wicker Wood |

Type: Swinging Seat
Size: 53 x 29 x 28 inches
Assembly Weight: 60 pounds
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
Materials: Wicker wood with cashmere cushions

The design of this swinging seat features a comfortable series of cashmere olefin fabric. There is a full-length bench cushion on the seat plus two pillows for added decorative or functional purposes. The wicker wood material is woven carefully into a full body that resists warping or cracking. Steel supports are also added around the bench seat to create a sturdy body. There are also anchors on the top parts of the bench to link to a chain.

You can find more images of this porch swing with cashmere cushions and read user reviews here!

TIP – Check on the washing instructions that come with any cushions that come with if applicable. Improper washing can damage the UV protective features on some of these cushions.

Jeco Wicker Porch Swing

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Type: Traditional Wicker Swinging Bench
Size: 51 x 27 x 23 inches
Assembly Weight: 21 pounds
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Materials: Resin wicker

Available in one of four colors, this wicker porch swing uses a steel frame around a large wicker design. The setup uses a single piece with a curved body and back area. A full-width cushion is also included to create a soft space to sit down on. The rings on the top part of the swing that link to the chain add for a comfortable installation process. You can also use a regular garden hose to wash off the swing without damaging any of its parts.

You can find more pictures of the hammock and read user reviews here!

TIP – Always use the chain that comes with your swing. Replacement chains might not fit all that well.

Porch Swing Reviews – What to Look for in a Porch Swing 2020

2020 Updates On Trends About Porch Swings

After a very busy week or day, everybody needs some time for relaxing. If you’re stressed, you need to have some comfort. A porch swing is one of the pieces of furniture that can prove to be useful in these situations. Since the household demands for porch swings have continued to rise, new trends are released every year to fit the needs of homeowners. 

However, that does make them different. The main goal of a porch swing is to provide you the best comfort as you relax on the swing. 

Before, porch swings were made to accommodate 1 to 2 people. However, in 2020, porch swings are now made to comfortably accommodate 3 individuals. Manufacturers have increased the capacity of the porch swings to make them ideal for most homeowners. 

Another trend on porch swings this year is high portability. Today, there are a lot of porch swings that can be used at your office or at your house. Because of their portability, you can also bring these porch swings whenever you go camping. 

Versatility is another trend in the porch swing industry this 2020. Some porch swings can be utilized for various purposes. The latest design enables you to comfortably sleep or read on it. They also include excellent padding to make sure that you achieve the comfort that you need. 

Finally, another trend that you have to look for is that a couple of porch swings now include a cup holder. This means that you can enjoy drinking coffee while relaxing on your porch swing!

The Best Porch Swing Buyers Guide

You must look at how well your porch swing is built before you buy it. Take a look at these points when finding an attractive patio bench swing so you have the best model for your use. Part of this includes knowing how to maintain your product well enough without putting the surface at risk of harm.

Finding a high-quality patio swing that can be used for many years isn’t as easy as one might think.

Different Types of Porch Swings

You can find many types of porch swings on today’s market:

  1. Traditional. A traditional swing offers a standard bench setup.
  2. Swing Bed. A swing bed is designed with a wide-open space that creates a bed-like appearance. This may support multiple decorative pillows in a spot.
  3. Canopy Swing. Instead of hanging off of the ceiling, a canopy swing features a series of legs that go on the floor. A small canopy is included on the top part of the swing.
  4. Glider. Designed for porches that do not have a cover, a glider uses a series of legs for keeping the bench in its place. The base includes a gliding mechanism that lets you rock back and forth on the swing.

There is also the more active option of buying a regular tree swing but won’t fulfill the same purpose.

What is included When you Buy a Porch Swing?

Be aware of the items that come with your order. You will have to assemble the surface. A porch swing should include the following pieces:

  • A seated layout with pre-assembled connections for all the slats
  • The arms on the ends
  • The backrest area that links to the seat and arms
  • Chains to link to both arms
  • Fasteners to go on the ceiling
  • The appropriate bolts, screws and other items needed for assembly

You might have to use separate tools for getting all of these pieces together. Check the instructions that come with your swing set to see what you require.

The amount of time needed to assemble your porch swing will vary based on the model you choose. You might expect to spend as much as an hour with getting the swing assembled, what with you having to get the anchors ready among while handling the weight of the swing.

The Best Wood to Have in a Porch Swing

You have multiple build options to work with when finding a porch bench swing. You can start your search by looking for one made with a wood surface.

Wood is the most popular material they can be made of. Wood provides a classic appearance to your swing that makes it attractive.

Review the density of the wood you want to use and compare it with the weather conditions that your material will be exposed to. Porch swings made of Cedar or teak wood are both dense options that last for years in even the rainiest or hottest conditions.

An oak or pine surface works best in milder climates that are not subjected to many weather-related issues. So a Cedar or Teak is often used when building the best porch swings for a rainy climate and outdoor use.

Be aware of how well the wood is treated. The wood surface may be pressure treated to keep the surface from decaying or being at risk of harm from pests.

Are Metal Porch Swings Good?

You can also find a metal swing for your use. You can find one of these swings with various metal materials:

  • Aluminum is popular for being light in weight.
  • Wrought iron is durable and does not wear out, but it is also heavy.
  • Traditional steel surfaces can be found in thick or thin surfaces.

Some metal swings may come with added wood accents to create a more enticing all-around surface.

Can Plastic Porch Swings Work?

You can find some made with plastic materials. A plastic swing is often made with polymer colors to look like natural wood. Although plastic materials are popular and are often made with recycled materials, the plastic might not be able to hold as much weight as something else. Also, the plastic might crack if the surface is made of a poor-grade material.

You can find some of the Best Budget Porch Swings made out of plastic.

Stain or Paint for a Porch Swing?

You can find either one of two surface coverings on your porch swing:

  1. Paint – The top part of the surface is coated. This is commonly used on metal swings, but wood swings can be painted as well. A coating can also hide impurities in the physical layout of a surface. You can find paints in various colors. For plastic materials, the paint is embedded into the polymers that are being mixed to produce the new surface.
  2. Stain – A stain is used on wooden bench swings to preserve the natural appearance of the wood. The stain moves deep into the wood to create a lighter or darker tone. The color of the stain will match up closely to the original color of the wood but with a slight accent.

You will need to get a new coating of your paint or stain on your porch swing every couple of years. Either way, it helps to wash off your swing with soap and water every month to preserve its appearance.

Is Porch Swings with Cushions More Comfortable?

You might find some swings that can utilize added cushions. The wide and deep layout of the swing is often conducive to letting you add cushions for a comfortable seat or to make the swing more attractive.

Some swings come with cushions, but you might have to buy your own cushions for your swing. You would have to measure the seating area of the swing for the latter while figuring out what types of cushions will fit on that surface.

Also, you would have to tie one of these cushions onto a support spot on your swing. The slats on your swing provide you with enough openings to tie a pad or cushion to.

Amanda suggests:

We were in Spain at a restaurant that only consisted of tables with porch swings hanging from different trees and scaffoldings. If you are every in Spain and trying one of their porch swings you will be amazed! Of course we couldnt bring one home as we only had carry-on bags. You can find all the best carry-on bags here!

How Much is a Porch Swings Weight Capacity?

How much weight capacity a porch swing has should be measured by both the weight it can handle and the number of people who can use the swing at a time. Most swings are designed to support two people at a time, but some larger models can handle three. Avoid adding more than the recommended number so the swing will not experience too much stress from all the people sitting on it. But is the weight capacity of a porch swing accurate? Yeah, since it is cause for liability if they put an inaccurate weight capacity!

See the Porch Swings Chains

Your porch swing will be supported by a series of chains. These chains should work with a few points:

  1. Each chain will include a series of links. These can be made with iron or other heavy-duty steel materials.
  2. The links should be secured to a series of fasteners on the ceiling area of your porch. These fasteners should feature hook-like bodies to help you secure the swing.
  3. You will hook the chains onto the fasteners. You would have to measure the chains based on which link you are hanging to align the space as evenly as possible.

The key part of using the chains is to keep your swing aligned evenly. The process takes a bit and might require you to get on a ladder to align everything accordingly.

Porch Swings with Cup Holder Feature

Many of today’s top-rated products feature cup holders. With this, you can secure your favorite drink on the side in a small opening as you enjoy the view from your swing.

You must look at how the cup holder is measured and that it can fit whatever it is you want to add into its body. Even some of the best compact porch swings can come with cup holders, but don’t expect budget porch swings to do so.

Cleaning Points – How to clean a Porch Swing

The process for cleaning your porch bench should be checked based on the instructions that come with your setup. A porch swing can be washed off with traditional soap and water in most cases. You would have to use a mild soap material to keep the surface clean and comfortable at all times. Soap that is too rough or hard on the surface might be difficult to apply onto a surface.

Bleach may be used on some, but this is primarily for plastic porch swings. You would have to use only a small amount of bleach on the surface, in this case, to keep the bleach from overwhelming anything on the surface.

Also, the water pressure used in the cleaning process should be checked accordingly. You might have to use an intense amount of water to get a surface washed off right.

A garden hose may be used, but in other cases, a cloth or sponge can be applied onto the surface provided that the material is not abrasive or likely to brush off too hard on a surface.


How high up should a porch swing be placed from the ground?

Keep your swing at least 24 inches off of the ground to keep it from getting in touch with the ground while being easy to get on and off of.

Can a swing handle kids jumping on it?

A swing should absorb any extra pressure caused by kids who jump onto the swing to sit down on it. You should encourage any kids who use your swing to avoid jumping onto it though.

Do you need outside tools for installing a Porch Swing?

You might not need such tools, but the rules will vary based on what you utilize.

How much time would you take for assembling a swing?

Some swings take about 15 to 20 minutes to set up, but heavier ones can take an hour to work with.

Where can i find new chains for my porch swing?

The best thing is to contact the manufacturer, in the best case they can recommend you a chain that can fit if they can’t offer to send you a new one.

Is a Porch Swing Safe?

With common sense and a good placement, a porch swing is very safe. There are even porch swings for elder people that can be set to swing less. Joss and Main has some really nice ones.

Which are the highest rated Porch Swings?

This is hard to say since ranking of the high rated porch swings varies from time to time! But we are updating this porch swing review as often as we can to see if there are new beautiful porch swings on the market.

What is the Best budget Porch Swing?

Also, hard to tell you, depending on what kind of budget ones you’re interested in. You can find a lot of budget porch swings made of wood, but even some made of steel if you like that more.

What is the safest porch Swing?

This review includes only the safest porch swings on the market! So as long as you cohere to the instructions – you’d be OK! Also, use a bit of common sense and use children under supervision.

Concluding this Porch Swing Review 2020

No matter if you’re looking for a beautiful white porch swing, we both hope that this review can help you find what you’re looking for!

A lot of these porch swings come without a stand, and even though we wrote a whole review of hammock stands.

Highwood Weatherly Porch Swing

my top pick for this best review

You either finished or skipped this whole porch swing review and made it to the bottom. Anyway –  we came to the conclusion that winnger and the most beautiful porch swing is the Highwood Weatherly Porch Swing! This great looking porch bench is made in the US by a small Pennsylvanian company called Highwood. This wooden porch swing is offered in 9 different colors. It comes safely packed so that every piece is in perfect condition upon arrival and contains every asset you need in order to fully assemble and hang it. The best Porch Swing on the market!

Check Price!