The Best Hammocks for Overweight People
Sunnydaze Quilted 2 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand, Family Size, Blue and Green, 400 Pound Capacity

Sunnydaze 400lbs. Capacity Hammock with Stand

In a hurry for your search for the best hammock for overweight people and have no time to read this whole large hammock for heavy people review? We came to the conclusion the best one is the Sunnydaze 2 Person Freestanding Quilted Fabric Hammock! The Sunnydaze Hammock can handle 2 people but can also be used just as easily by one person.

We understand that the most important thing when choosing a hammock, for bigger people is comfort and the ability of the hammock to comfortably carry a high load. This hammock with stand has a whopping 400 Pound Capacity! And comes in at a fantastically competitive price.

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Best Hammocks for Overweight People

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Stretched Size
Sunnydaze Hand-Woven 2-3 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand, Family Size, Multi-Color, 400 Pound Capacity
Sunnydaze Handwoven Mayan Hammock
Double Hammock w/ Stand
79"L x 79"W
400 lbs
80% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 100% tubular powder-coated Steel Stand
Sunnydaze Deluxe 2-Person Hammock with Spreader Bars and 15-Foot Stand, 400-Pound Capacity, American Style
Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric Hammock
Double Hammock w/ Stand
128″L x 55″W
450 lbs
UV-resistant Quilted Polyester Fabric; 1.5" tubular powder coated Steel Stand
Sunnydaze Deluxe 2-Person Hammock with Spreader Bars and 15-Foot Stand, 400-Pound Capacity, American Style
Sunnydaze DeLuxe Hammock
Double Hammock w/ Spreader Bars and Stand
149″L x 55″W
400 lbs
80% cotton/20% nylon hammock; Powder-coated steel stand
Sunnydaze Soft-Spun Polyester Rope Hammock with Heavy Duty 12-Foot Stand, Indoor/Outdoor, 2-Person, 350 Pound Capacity, Red
Sunnydaze Polyester Rope Hammock
Double Hammock w/ Spreader Bars and stand
133″L x 55″W
350 lbs
Soft-spun 3-ply 8 mm Polyester Rope Hammock; powder-coated Steel Stand
Sunnydaze 2 Person Freestanding Quilted Fabric Spreader Bar Hammock, Choose from 12 or 15 Foot Stand, Nautical Stripe
Sunnydaze Freestanding Quilted Fabric Hammock
Double Hammock w/ Spreader Bars and two Stand Sizes of
12' and 15'
130″L x 55″W
For 12' Stand: 350 lbs
For 15' Stand:400 lbs
Quilted Dye treated Polyester Fabric, Wooden Spreader Bar

What Hammock Should You Buy if You’re Overweight?

Hammocks are mostly made for average-sized people and there are only a few that can accommodate individuals of heavier sizes. Some of us are scared to invest in a hammock because there is no guarantee that it won’t break when we enter it, especially when there are many reviews that doubt its quality.

In regards to this, I feel the need to break down a list of the sturdiest hammocks that are safe to use by overweight people. These hammocks have a weight capacity of more than 400 pounds and they are ranked according to their maximum breaking capacity, quality, price, and comfort.

we hope that this hammock for overweight people review can help you on your way! //Jared and Amanda

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Best Hammocks for Overweight People – Reviews of Hammocks with high Weight Capacity

Sunnydaze 400lbs Quilted Fabric Hammock with Stand

Hammock Type: Double Hammock with Stand
Bed Size: 74″ L and 55″ W
Overall Length: 180″ L x 48″ W
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Materials: 100% Polyester for Hammock Material, 100% tubular powder-coated steel

Great weight capacity and comfortable to use

The actual size may vary since it is hand-woven

Bottom line:
Best use for people who wouldn’t want to commit drilling on their walls as this durable hammock comes with a highly capable, heavy-duty stand.

This heavy-weight capacity hammock with a steel stand is just what you’re looking for. It’s very soft and comfortable with its premium-grade weather-resistant polyester. The hammock stand is made of tubular powder-coated steel that can accommodate an overweight person up to 400 lbs (or 180 Kgs). The steel stand can be easily assembled and highly durable. With its classic design and color, you can enjoy sleeping in this hammock feeling revitalized.

TIP: It is better to avoid leaving this type of hammock outside at all times, since UV rays from the sun can fade its color. It is best to store it in a shade if not in use. While the materials are weather resistant and will last longer than traditional cotton, they will still fade faster over time unless proper care is taken.

Features to note

The Sunnydaze Polyester Hammock is the best hammock to be used at the poolside because of its water-resistant nature. The best fabric of this hammock is not only durable, but other qualities confirm it to be a high-durability hammock and have a high-end performance that hammock users love:

It comes with a 15-foot center-beam hammock stand added for secure attachment.
Has 2 hanging chains to adjust hammock height for your preference.
Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Sunnydaze Large Polyester Rope Hammock with Spreader Bars

Type: Double Hammock with Spreader Bars (no stand included)
Bed Size: 83″ L x 55″ W
Stand Dimensions: (not included)
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
Materials: 100% Polyester Rope

The strongest Hammock we’ve found – able to support up to 600lbs in weight capacity


While the hammock can support up to 600lbs, it is difficult to find a stand that can support the same weight as most stands are limited to 450 lbs

Bottom line:
Nevertheless this hammock is perfect if you really need that extra carrying capacity and you are still able to connect the hammock to trees. The hammock is compatible with the Sunnydaze 15ft stand, however that stand has a limited weight capacity of 400lbs.

This hammock is a great addition to your backyard and can truly give you that ultra summer feeling with its widely open bed area that can accommodate a large person. The extra-wide description is definitely isn’t kidding as a person can fully stretch on it but still has enough space to roll around comfortably!

This might come as a luxury to some but you will surely not regret owning it for the comfort it provides. This hammock uses polyester which is water and UV resistant.

TIP: You can attach this hammock to trees and keep the stand for holidays.

Features to note

You might wonder that this Large Polyester Hammock is just a typical hammock, but before you skip this one out, have time to read these features that make it unique from other hammocks in this list:

It can be hang between trees or on a 15 foot hammock stand.

No high, regular maintenance since dirt and dust don’t stay in the fabric for too long
Thick nylon ends allow for extra strength.
Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Sunnydaze Polyester Hammock with Spreader Bar

Type: Double Hammock with Spreader Bars and Stand
Stand Dimensions: 144″ L x 36″ W x 48″ H
Weight: 25 lbs.
Bed Dimensions: 133″ L x 55″ W
Weight: 19 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Materials: Soft-spun 3-ply 8 mm polyester rope hammock; Powder-coated steel stand

The parts of this hammock are easy to assemble

The actual size of the hammock may vary slightly due to its handwoven nature

Bottom line:
Its large bed space is ideal for overweight people

It is a hammock with a comfortable and breathable fabric that you can enjoy and relax even during hot summer days. However, its design is not the only thing lovable about this high-quality hammock as its construction is known to be heavy duty so you lay on it securely and safely. It can be assembled within minutes so it’s portable and makes a great gift.

TIP: The hammock bed is not removable from the spreader so washing it would require you to spray a hose on it and scrub.

Features to Note

The Sunnydaze Polyester Hammock with Spreader Bar gives you the peace of mind while you comfortably relax on it after some great time in the pool or backyard as this does not accumulate water that can result to bacteria build up.

This hammock can safely accommodate overweight person
Hammock is made from durable soft spun polyester rope
It includes o-rings for hanging, two 9″ chains and two 2″ s-hooks so it can extend the hammock length up to an extra 22 inches.
The stand can also be used with other traditional hammocks if you wish to try other fabric on different season.
It is known to be weather-resistant which means that it can withstand the change of temperature

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Sunnydaze Freestanding Quilted Hammock

Type: Double Hammock with a Pillow and Spreader Bars
Bed Dimensions: 130″ L X 55″ W
Weight: 11 lbs.
12′ Stand Dimensions: 12′ L x 36″ W x 48″ H
Weight: 25 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
15′ Stand Dimensions: 15′ L x 48″ W x 48″ H
Weight: 50 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Materials: Quilted Dye-treated Polyester Fabric, Wooden Spreader Bar

The fabric doesn’t hold a puddle of water

Not so flexible since it is made up of thicker fabric and comes with a spreader bars

Bottom line:
Well made budget quick-dry hammock to use at any poolside that come  at a very affordable price

This hammock is soft on the back and is breathable enough to keep you cool if you lay on it for a few hours. It is durable to withstand the change of weather as well as the harmful UV rays of the sun which are responsible for the decaying of fabric and rotting of the wood. It is comfortable, nicely constructed, and a great furniture emphasis in your pool area.

TIP: The advertisement says it’s UV protected but some users do say that this hammock tends to fade its color very quickly. Just be informed that the UV-resistance was actually more for the function of the fabric and not the fabric color. The color may fade over time due to sun exposure but its durability remains the same.

Features to Note

Having a tight budget should not stop you from owning comfort in your home. Hence, the Sunnydaze Freestanding Quilted Hammock with Pillow maintains leisure at a very reasonable price so anyone can own a hammock and be aware of its special features:

Hammock can be extended up to 152″ with the included hanging chains and S-hooks.
The stand is made from square and round steel tube frame for ultimate durability.
The filing is 100% poly fiber filling quilted to gives a nice cushion feel
A hammock that comes with a detachable free pillow for head or leg support

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Are there hammocks for someone Heavy? These are Hammocks for Overweight People

What to Consider Buying a Hammock as an Overweight Person

Honestly, it is not easy finding the best hammock for heavy people because many brands would just advertise their product as having high weight capacity but lacking in important elements that make the hammock secure to be used over time.

Here are some of the things to put into consideration and all of these are essential to be followed:

The maximum weight capacity of a hammock. This factor is the first one we look for when it comes to asking if our body weight can be handled by the hammock.

If you weigh 400 pounds or more, look for a hammock that has a max. weight capacity beyond 400 pounds as this description is mostly the ‘maximum breaking capacity’ which means that if a hammock has a capacity of 500 pounds, it can be broken when mounted by a 501 pounds or more. Here is an article showing you what can go wrong in buying the wrong hammock.

The suspension cord/rope. If the product description has a suspension cord number, look for one with the highest amount of cord/ropes as this is more durable than the ones with a lesser amount.

The overall dimension. If the overall dimension or the bed dimension of the hammock is larger than your size, then that hammock is acceptable.

The fabric used. The common fabrics like cotton and polyester can really make us sweat. If you easily get hot and sweaty or you have sensitive skin, choose a breathable fabric that’s smooth and comfortable on your skin.

How Do You Get into a Hammock Easily?

This might seem ridiculous or embarrassing to ask but this is actually a valid question when it comes to mounting a hammock as overweight. Many of us have experienced flipping a hammock or rolling on the ground like a ball after failing on getting on it the first time.

Here are some tips on ditching that embarrassing situation and mount in that hammock like a pro:

Make sure that the hammock is properly set up and attached securely to trees or posts.
Check the hammock bed for a hole or rip. If there is one, be sure that it won’t get bigger once you get on it. Fix it if needed.
Be sure that you hang the hammock in a reachable height. Do not hang it higher than your butt.
Spread the hammock wide and begin a sitting position in the center of it.
Now get your legs one by one or simultaneously depending on how comfortable you are.
Try lying on your back and slowly stretch your legs fully.
It is recommended that you sleep in your hammock diagonally so that it will be easy for you to get out of it.
Getting out from the hammock can be done with both legs touch the ground first and slowly standing.
Can I Use a Hammock Stand if I’m Overweight?

The response to this is really arbitrary. Unless you found a hammock stand that has a weight capacity of more than 700 pounds to be safe, you can definitely use it for your hammock.

Be keen to a hammock stands maximum weight capacity as well as to its materials. If you can’t find a hammock stand that is sturdy enough to hold your weight, hanging your hammock in big trees or large posts is recommended.

But rest assured, that there are some great hammock stands to use if you’re overweight or a heavy person!

What are Safety Precautions for Overweight People Using a Hammock?
Do NOT swing the hammock harshly even if you’re confident that it can carry your weight. Aggressive movements can rig the rips which can result in breaking.
Do NOT bring sharp objects inside your hammock or in your pockets unless your hammock fabric is anti-rip.
Always inspect your hammock before mounting on it. Some organisms might’ve eaten on it that made the rope and fabric became weak.
Be sure that the hooks or rings it’s attached with are not rusty.
Do NOT twist your hammock bed after use. This method uses force even when it’s not used and can weaken its materials over time.
Do NOT stand on the hammock. Unless you’re a master acrobat, standing inside it can pose a serious threat of falling with injuries.
Concluding this Hammocks for Overweight people Review

Wether or not you are looking for the best hammock with stand for a heavy person or a camping hammock to use if you’re overweight, we truly hope you found it here! Also – take a look at our top pick as it is probably the best hammock on the market to use if you are a heavy person!

Sunnydaze Hand-Woven 2-3 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand, Family Size, Multi-Color, 400 Pound Capacity

Sunnydaze 400lbs. Capacity Hammock with Stand

Did you find anything in your search for the best hammock for overweight people? We still think the best high-capacity hammock is the Sunnydaze Mayan Hammock with Stand! The Sunnydaze is a hand-woven 2-3 person Mayan hammock with Stand, has a great family Size and can be chosen in different colors!

This hammock with stand has a whopping 400 Pound Capacity!

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