the best hammocks for overweight people

Sorbus Hammock with Spreader Bars

my top pick for this best review

In a hurry for your search for the best hammock for overweight people and have no time to read this whole large hammock for heavy people review? We came to the conclusion the top pick should be the Sorbus Hammock with Spreader Bars! This Sorbus model has a wall-less design in that it offers a flat surface. The cotton fabric features a UV-treated dye that adds a nice color that does not wear out from exposure to the sun.

This is a hammock with a high weight capacity, namely 450 pounds which makes it a great and safe hammock to relax in.

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Quick Comparison - Best High Weight Capacity Hammocks

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MsForce Best XL Double Camping Hammock
Double Nylon Hammock
118 x 78"
1500 lbs
Parachute Nylon
Cutequeen Double Nest Parachute Camping Hammock
Double Nylon Hammock
110 x 59''
600 lbs
Parachute Nylon Tafetta
Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo
Double Hammock w/ spreader bar & Stand
156 x 155"
600 lbs
100% Soft-spun Polyester
MalloMe Double Portable Camping Hammock
Double Nylon Hammock
125 x 79"
1000 lbs
Parachute Nylon
Hammocks Rada Family Size Mayan Hammock
Family sized Cotton Hammock
157 x 98"
652 lbs
Cotton, Nylon

What Hammock Should You Buy if You’re Overweight?

Hammocks are mostly made for average sized people and there are only a few that can accommodate individuals at heavier sizes. Some of us are scared to invest in a hammock because there is no guarantee that it won’t break when we enter it, especially when there are many reviews that doubt its quality.

In regards to this, I feel the need to break down a list of the sturdiest hammocks that are safe to use by overweight people. These hammocks have a weight capacity of more than 500 pounds and they are ranked according to its maximum breaking capacity, quality, price, and comfort.

we hope that this hammock for overweight people review can help you on your way! //Jared and Amanda

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Best Hammocks for Overweight People – Reviews of Hammocks with high Weight Capacity

Best Choice Products Double Hammock

Type: Double Indoor Hammock with Stand
Size: 52 X 10 X 8”
Weight: 32.5 pounds
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs

100% Cotton with Resin Steel Stand

Takes only 5 minutes to assemble – great weight capacity

The frame is sturdy, but somewhat poorly designed

Bottom line:
Best use for people who wouldn’t want to commit drilling on their walls as this durable hammock comes with a highly heavy-duty stand.

This indoor double hammock with a steel stand is just what you’re looking for. It’s very soft and comfortable with its 100% premium grade cotton.

You don’t need to worry about not having a strong base to tie this hammock on as this comes with a double-wide frame with a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. It has a steel stand that can be easily assembled and highly durable. With its classic design and color, you can enjoy sleeping in this hammock feeling revitalized.

Users review this as being the best indoor hammock as being in mid-range price but with a high-end quality.

TIP: If you store this hammock after a season to another, be sure that you pack the ropes properly and keep them away from liquids as they might become brittle after a change of temperature.

Features to note

Best Choice Products Double Hammock has great features that guide you in purchasing one.

  • Has double-wide frame
  • Includes a nylon carrying case for easy transport
  • Comes in Red, Blue Green, Desert, or Orange Stripe
  • No need to tie in trees
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Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

Type: Compact indoor hammock with a standVivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Denim
Size: 108 x 42 x 41”
Weight: 0.16 oz.
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
Materials: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or 100% Sunbrella Fabric

Comes with three choices of fabric that can fit your preference

The cocoon effect makes it harder to lie down on the long-end.

Bottom line:
If your skin is sensitive to a certain type of fabric, Vivere Hammock is a good one for you as you can choose from three premium grade fabrics. The best hammock with stand for overweight people if you have sensitive skin!

You can move this hammock to the most convenient location in your house as this comes with a steel stand that doesn’t take up the most space in the room. The stand extends up to 9 feet tall, and the color varies depending on the color of the fabric you choose.

You can choose from a variety of polyester, cotton, and weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric. These three types are easy to clean, and when washed, it’s not heavy to carry. This hammock can be assembled in a few minutes without a need for any tools.

TIP: Ask a friend to help you with setting up so that you can keep an eye on the holes and the screws while your friend holds the fabric or the stand.

Features to Note

If you’re looking for a more luxurious hammock, you can guarantee that Vivere Double Hammock won’t give you worries due to its price as it has the best features that everyone values.

  • Not every brand can give you three options of fabric, but this one does
  • Worried about easily faded materials? Choose the all-weather resistant Sunbrella fabric
  • Comes with heavy duty charcoal or oil-rubber stands depending on the hammock color you like
  • Insured with a 12-month warranty
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Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo

Type: Double Hammock
Overall Dimensions: 156 x 55″
Weight: 17 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
Material: 100% Soft-spun Polyester, Tropical Hardwood Spreader Bar

A heavy-duty hammock without that feeling of being cocooned

The price is higher than the other ones in this high weight capacity hammock review

Bottom line:
The perfect hammock for those who prefer a wider lounging area without that typical fabric hug

This hammock is a great addition to your home or backyard and can truly give you that ultra summer feeling with its widely open bed area that can accommodate a large person. The ‘jumbo’ description is definitely isn’t kidding as a person with a wider body type can fully stretch on it but still has enough space to roll around!

This might come as a luxury to some but you will surely not regret owning it for the comfort it provides. This hammock uses soft-spun polyester fabric that can easily be cleaned and dried, giving you the continued ultimate relaxation.

TIP: The stand and the neck pillow is not included in this purchase and you have to buy them separately. Here are some great hammock stands that would go perfectly together with it.

Features to note

You might wonder that the Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo is just a typical hammock, but before you skip this one out, have time to read these features that make it unique from other hammocks in this list:

  • It has twenty-six 3-ply end cords that give strength addition and a balance weight distribution
  • The spreader bars are marine spa varnished wood which makes them resistant to molds and wood-eating organisms
  • Has 20 Caribbean design and color variants to choose from
  • The fabric is colorfast that will not bleed when soaked in water
  • Comes with rings for a secure attachment
  • A hammock that can fit bigger persons up to 600 pounds and tall persons up to 6.2 ft. height
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MalloMe Double Portable Camping Hammock

Type: Double Hammock
Overall Dimensions: 125 x 79”
Weight: 1 lb.
Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Materials: Parachute Nylon

Extremely lightweight; perfect for travel and camping

Don’t expose it to too much sunlight, as the color might fade

Bottom line:
Its large bed space is ideal for overweight people

The best camping hammock for overweight people! This hammock is specifically designed to give a superior comfort to people who easily get hot lying on parachute nylon. Rest assured that this type of nylon is breathable and not suffocating when you’re in that ‘cocoon’ position.

It is a hammock that comes with robust straps that can amazingly take 3 people at an average size or 2 people at bigger sizes. It is easy to install, trouble-free packing, and quick to dry. As mentioned, the best hammock to use for camping for a heavy person.

TIP: If your height is around 6 ft., you can hang this hammock up to 5 ft. from the ground.

Features to Note

Not only that the MalloMe Double Portable Camping Hammock would look gorgeous on your camping, its price will not only give you the hammock alone but with a few add-ons as well:

  • It comes with a handy stuff sack for trouble-free portability
  • With ultra-strong webbing that’s sturdier than ropes
  • Has 2 high-tensile carabineers and extra ropes for additional support
  • The parachute nylon is seriously tear-resilient, giving you a peace of mind while mounting on it
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Hammocks Rada Family Size Mayan Hammock

Type: Double Hammock
Overall Dimensions: 157 x 98″
Weight: 3.15 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 652 lbs.
Materials: Cotton, Nylon

The cotton hammock and nylon arm materials is a combination of comfy and durable. You can choose between 6 different colors!

Might be short for tall persons

Bottom line:
A well made Yucatan hammock at a very reasonable price

There is a good reason why the Mayan hammocks are one of the most bought and preferable types of hammocks. They are unique in terms of design, materials, quality, and not to mention, great customer service from the manufacturer. “Hammocks Rada” offers a customizable hammock upon request — you can demand to have a nylon or cotton bed material or have the color solid aside from the original colors they advertise.

Since this is a family sized hammock, a larger person can absolutely fit in this perfectly without that uncomfortable feeling of being dropped any minute. It is tightly woven to ensure a maximum amount of security from ripping or splitting but at the same time, breathable and not hot on the skin. The best Mayan hammock for an overweight person.

TIP: This High capacity Mayan hammock can fit in a 12 ft. hammock stand.

Features to Note

If you haven’t used a Mayan or Yucatan hammock before and you’re unaware of its functionality, here are some of the specialized features that make it popular amongst hammock lovers:

  • The customizable material of cotton or nylon is made because of the users’ different skin sensitivities. The nylon being stronger and more conforming to body shape, and the cotton is the smoother and gentler to people with skin problems.
  • Its price is reasonable for an original made Yucatan hammock
  • The nylon end cords are resistant to fraying
  • The company has great customer service and is customer request-friendly
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Are there hammocks for someone Heavy? These are Hammocks for Overweight People

What to Consider Buying a Hammock as an Overweight Person

Honestly, it is not easy finding the best hammock for heavy people because many brands would just advertise their product as having high weight capacity but lacking in important elements that make the hammock secure to be used over time.

Here are some of the things to put into consideration and all of these are essential to be followed:

The maximum weight capacity of a hammock. This factor is the first one we look for when it comes to asking if our body weight can be handled by the hammock.

If you weigh 400 pounds or more, look for a hammock that has a max. weight capacity beyond 400 pounds as this description is mostly the ‘maximum breaking capacity’ which means that if a hammock has a capacity of 500 pounds, it can be broken when mounted by a 501 pounds or more. Here is an article showing you what can go wrong in buying the wrong hammock.

The suspension cord/rope. If the product description has a suspension cord number, look for one with the highest amount of cord/ropes as this is more durable than the ones with a lesser amount.

The overall dimension. If the overall dimension or the bed dimension of the hammock is larger than your size, then that hammock is acceptable.

The fabric used. The common fabrics like cotton and polyester can really make us sweat. If you easily get hot and sweaty or you have sensitive skin, choose a breathable fabric that’s smooth and comfortable on your skin.

How Do You Get into a Hammock Easily?

This might seem ridiculous or embarrassing to ask but this is actually a valid question when it comes to mounting a hammock as overweight. Many of us have experienced flipping a hammock or rolling on the ground like a ball after failing on getting on it the first time.

Here are some tips on ditching that embarrassing situation and mount in that hammock like a pro:

  1. Make sure that the hammock is properly set up and attached securely to trees or posts.
  2. Check the hammock bed for a hole or rip. If there is one, be sure that it won’t get bigger once you get on it. Fix it if needed.
  3. Be sure that you hang the hammock in a reachable height. Do not hang it higher than your butt.
  4. Spread the hammock wide and begin a sitting position in the center of it.
  5. Now get your legs one by one or simultaneously depending on how comfortable you are.
  6. Try lying on your back and slowly stretch your legs fully.
  7. It is recommended that you sleep in your hammock diagonally so that it will be easy for you to get out of it.
  8. Getting out from the hammock can be done with both legs touch the ground first and slowly standing.

 Can I Use a Hammock Stand if I’m Overweight?

 The response to this is really arbitrary. Unless you found a hammock stand that has a weight capacity of more than 700 pounds to be safe, you can definitely use it for your hammock.

Be keen to a hammock stands maximum weight capacity as well as to its materials. If you can’t find a hammock stand that is sturdy enough to hold your weight, hanging your hammock in big trees or large posts is recommended.

But rest assured, that there are some great hammock stands to use if you’re overweight or a heavy person!

What are Safety Precautions for Overweight People Using a Hammock?

  • Do NOT swing the hammock harshly even if you’re confident that it can carry your weight. Aggressive movements can rig the rips which can result in breaking.
  • Do NOT bring sharp objects inside your hammock or in your pockets unless your hammock fabric is anti-rip.
  • Always inspect your hammock before mounting on it. Some organisms might’ve eaten on it that made the rope and fabric became weak.
  • Be sure that the hooks or rings it’s attached with are not rusty.
  • Do NOT twist your hammock bed after use. This method uses force even when it’s not used and can weaken its materials over time.
  • Do NOT stand on the hammock. Unless you’re a master acrobat, standing inside it can pose a serious threat of falling with injuries.

Concluding this Hammocks for Overweight people Review

Wether or not you are looking for the best hammock with stand for a heavy person or a camping hammock to use if you’re overweight, we truly hope you found it here! Also – take a look at our top pick as it is probably the best hammock on the market to use if you are a heavy person!

Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Hammock

my top pick for this best review

Did you find anything in your search for the best hammock for overweight people? We still think the best high-capacity hammock is the Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Hammock, so why not give it a go? It is a large hammock with twenty-six 3-ply end cords that give a great capacity and a balanced weight distribution. The spreader bars are marine spa varnished wood which makes them resistant to molds and wood-eating organisms. You can choose from 20 Caribbean design and color variants and the fabric is colorfast that will not bleed when soaked in water. This hammock comes with rings for a secure attachment and can fit bigger persons up to 600 pounds and tall persons up to 6.2 ft. height.

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